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Pigeon 24cm Straw Brush Out Of Stock

Pigeon 24cm Straw Brush

To clean the tube or straw. It is easy to bend, I can wash too tightly straw longer. A cap with the ..

Ex Tax: $25.00

Pigeon Baby Moisturizer (for body and face) 120mL

* Contains a particularly moisturizing natural moisturizing factor ceramides.* Refreshing and moistu..

Ex Tax: $40.00

Pigeon Hanging Anti-mosquito Scent

The natural essential oil (citronella) has the dual effect of the essence of the natural plant (pyre..

Ex Tax: $59.00
Pigeon Nipple Cleansing Brush Out Of Stock

Pigeon Nipple Cleansing Brush

A special brush that allows you to wash the inside of a teat too. The incredibly fine sponge washes ..

Ex Tax: $25.00