Out Of Stock Pigeon Anti-Overflow Breast Pad 126+10 pcs
Number of pieces: 126+10
Place of Origin: Japan
Japan imported Pigeon disposable anti-overflow breast pad, unique three-dimensional wrinkle shape, super absorbent core polymer, two strips on the top and bottom, effectively prevent the milk pad from sliding
product description:
★ 3D three-dimensional wrinkles form a natural outer contour, which can protect the breasts well. Super strong absorption of galactorrhea.
★ Two strips on the top and bottom to prevent the breast pad from sliding, completely fit the breast, and gently wrap the galactorr.
★ Soft and dry lining keeps your skin dry.
★ The superabsorbent core polymer absorbs excess breast milk and fixes the galactorrium inside.
★ Breathable waterproof layer provides strong protection to ensure that the clothes are dry and keep a refreshing feeling for a long time.
★ Super soft edges for extra comfort.
★ Independent packaging, more sanitary, comfortable and economical.
★The pad of the breast pad is made of high-performance polymer with excellent performance. It is especially slim and light, and other products are unparalleled.
★The curved shape of the breast pad is designed to prevent leaks. The inner layer is soft and cotton-like, which is comfortable. The non-slip stickers can fix the position of the pad.
Note on use:
Please replace each time you breastfeed.
Please replace it whenever you have a large amount.
If the skin is uncomfortable, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
Do not throw it into the toilet after use.
Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Please dispose of it immediately after use.

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Pigeon Anti-Overflow Breast Pad 126+10 pcs

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