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Special Note: This product can only be topical, any product may lead to allergies. Before use to do allergy test (smear at the ear, if no time), willing to use this product.
Doctors recommend: baby is not allergic skin can be used; baby no allergic spot can also be used.

【Main Ingredients】 Sodium bicarbonate (5%), aloe vera, DEA oleanol polyether 3 phosphate, DEA oleyl alcohol polyether-10 phosphate, dimethyl silicone oil, emulsified wax, eucalyptus oil, water, sodium hydroxide, Tea tree oil, vitamin E acetate.

Usage: the product squeezed to the fingertips about the size of peanuts, smear in the affected area, and then use the belly circle massage way to smear in the mosquito bites until the white paste all absorbed by the skin, the skin can not see the white So that the basic can be felt in about 10 minutes effect! If you are bitten by bees, rub out before the bee thorn.

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Afterbite Kids Child Mosquito Bite Ointment 20g

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