Kanpo @ Japanese Eco-friendly 100% Natural Cleaner Detergent Powder 90g

Out Of Stock Kanpo @ Japanese Eco-friendly 100% Natural Cleaner Detergent Powder 90g
  • The most effective and safe cleaner for cleaning up pesticides, preservatives, wax, and bacteria on fruits and vegetables.
  • It is 100% Natural, and 100% safe, there are not chemical additives or side effects or odor. It is Ionized calcium ( CaO over 95% ) made in Japan, made of natural scallops shell.
  • 1kg fruits or vegetables,1 litre water, 1g -1.5g shell powder (about sprinkle 3-4 times), soak 10 minutes.Can find the floating material resulted from removal of various pollutant and harmful bacteria and wax from fruits and vegetables. Pick up the fruits and/or vegetables from the water (purier solution), wash them in the running water and then eat or cook
  • It also can be used as Natural Laundry Sanitizer in washer, has sterilization, deodorization, mildew proof effect. proportion is 20 litres water to 1-3g powder cleaner, directly put the shell powder cleaner in wahser
  • It may be used as Natural Deodorant in toilet, restroom, shoes and room, use 1 litre water to 1g powder cleaner in sprayer, spray it in home, toilet, and shoes.

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