Out Of Stock Pigeon Bottle Sterilizer 20 Packs

✅Made in Japan

A box of 20 packs (750mg per pack)

Will be washed after the bottle soaked in sterile syrup can completely kill the bacteria in the bottle, play both disinfection. Do not bother to boil or steam disinfection, dry after use can be used.

✅ use one time to keep the container 24 hours clean and sanitary.

✅ every time with a pack

✅Easy to carry


In 2-4L of water, pour 1 pack, soak for 1 hour or more

* Please use according to the recommended usage

* Do not use for metal containers

First, the bottle and other items clean, and then compared to 2-4L water into the proportion of 1 package for modulation, will clean the bottle and other substances soaked in the preparation of a good disinfectant in more than 1 hour, and finally remove the bottle poured out the solution.

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Pigeon Bottle Sterilizer 20 Packs

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