Out Of Stock Pigeon Steamed Cake (Apple & Sweet Potato Flavour)

Suitable for: about 9 months or more

Capacity: 42g (21g x 2 packs)

Production Method

Pour 1 packet of cake powder and 15ml of milk or water into the paper cup, and mix it in the microwave for 40~60 seconds.

heating time

500W ~ add milk for 50 seconds / add water for 60 seconds

600W ~ add milk for 40 seconds / add water for 50 seconds


Wheat starch, sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, skim milk powder, egg yolk powder, dextrin, corn syrup, pumpkin powder, carrot powder, edible egg shell powder, dietary fiber, processed starch, swelling agent, thickener (guar), Antioxidant (vitamin E)

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Pigeon Steamed Cake (Apple & Sweet Potato Flavour)

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